Concrete Construction House

While it may not be apparent in many cases, concrete construction is an important part of house building. Without concrete construction, a house may not have many of the critical elements needed for its overall construction to succeed.

Concrete construction in a house begins at the very base--literally. The foundation of nearly all homes is a concrete slab and, off that slab, everything else is built. Plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment and other items can run through the slab. The walls of the home are rooted in the slab and the flooring, whatever type is used, is placed directly on it.

In some cases, the concrete construction in the house is even more visible. In some more modern designs, concrete is used on the inside of the house as well as the outside. In some two-story homes, the pillars used to hold up the second story are made of concrete. In others, the stairs are placed on a concrete slab that connects the first floor to the second. In nearly all cases, balconies are made of concrete that is poured in place with braces underneath until it dries.

Some more modern home designs have, essentially, a concrete construction house. Believing that concrete is better looking, more temperate and easier to work with than other materials, some builders (or their clients) have turned to using concrete for their entire house, from the slab to the walls to the base of most of the interior. Though such houses aren't frequent occurrences, they are appearing with greater regularity.

Building a concrete construction house requires a sold cost estimate. An estimate is normally handled by an estimator or accountant assigned by a general contractor to a specific project.

The estimate covers the amount it would cost a general contractor to build a project, pay its employees and make a small percentage of profit. The estimate covers the cost of items like concrete for the foundation, cables for electrical wiring, flooring, plumbing, carpentry and HVAC.

Construction estimate software has largely replaced human estimation, as they are able to complete the process more quickly and efficiently than a human accountant operating alone. There are a number of programs that can break down cost estimates into subsections, as well as delivering the overall total price.

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There are a number of programs that can break down cost estimates into subsections, as well as delivering the overall total price.

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