Construction Project Reports

Construction project reports detail the progress being made on a project at a given time. Construction project reports can cover the entire project or specific areas, and can be developed at different times.

Construction project reports cover many areas, including budgeting and scheduling. These reports track costs and progress made on a project and compare them to where they should be according to the original project proposal. Though these reports were once done by hand by supervisors or project managers, they are now largely done by computers. There are programs that can develop comprehensive construction project reports that give an entire overview, as well as ones that are more specific. There are software programs specializing in plumbing, piping and HVAC, as well as repair and remodeling tasks.

During a project being built through traditional design/bid/build process, construction project reports monitor the amount it would cost a general contractor to build a project, pay its employees and make a small percentage of profit. In the design-build process, the construction project reports created are more involved. In this process, an architect and general contractor combine as a team and present a building or project design and construction contractor services in one proposal. Construction project reports used as part of a construction manager at-risk (CM at-risk) project falls in between the two. The architect is hired separately from the general contractor, but the contractor is involved in the project from the pre-construction process all the way through completion. The estimate comes in the form of a guaranteed maximum price, which covers all services rendered from pre-construction through the building process.

Three-dimensional modeling may be the most powerful piece of software for the construction industry. Using programs like Building Information Modeling (BIM), the contractor can build a complete model of the project before actual construction begins, establishing a schedule and indentifying problems before they become costly. Construction project reports can monitor the progress of the project in relation to the BIM model and identify an overruns or delays before the situation becomes critical. Construction projects can be produced on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the needs of the contractor.

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