New Construction Technology

For more than 1000 years, the construction industry remained relatively the same. With the invention and introduction of new construction technology over the past few decades, however, the industry has advanced by leaps and bounds.

New construction technology resources include bid software, programs that estimate the total amount it will cost to build the project. Construction bid software can be purchased by a general contractor and installed on their computers, or, increasingly, it can be Web-based. Construction bid software can be very general, covering the entire project, or it can be highly specific, depending on the contractor's needs. There are programs aimed at certain segments of the construction industry, from residential to general to heavy construction. There are programs for carpentry estimating; conceptual estimating; concrete estimating and insurance claims estimating, as well as any miscellaneous estimating work that needs to be done. There construction job cost software programs specializing in plumbing, piping and HVAC, as well as repair and remodeling tasks.

One of the most ground-breaking new construction technology assets is three-dimensional modeling, a computer program that allows the user to build the construction project on the screen before the first shovel hits actual dirt. This program allows the construction manager to visualize any potential conflicts or design flaws and to take care of them early in the process, instead of later with a costly change order.

New construction technology can be found in programs designed to cover budgeting, cost estimating and accounting as well. Construction estimate software is the basis for monitoring costs of construction project during the building phases to ensure cost overruns to not occur. Construction estimate software can be an in-depth, complex process as it requires a complete overview of all costs related to a project. Accounting programs are also of vital importance, as steps already taken during the construction process can be properly monitored to make sure budget limits are maintained and overruns have not occurred that could affect the budget for the remainder of the project.

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