Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum plays a large part in society. It is used in packaging and in construction. Therefore the need to recycle aluminum is great. The main form of aluminum recycling comes from scrap yards. Scarp aluminum is gathered via a collector. The sorting of aluminum into different genres helps scrap yards classify the different alloys of aluminum. Scrap yard sort the aluminum stock by weight. Therefore many purchases are done in bulk. The basic pricing is $1.25 US dollars per kilogram of aluminum. Aluminum recycling cannot remove coatings or plated aluminum. Therefore the mixing ratio of recycled aluminum cannot be determined. Therefore to avoid using mixed aluminum alloys classification and sorting is needed.

The municipal waste is responsible for sorting different types of scrap. Dedicated machinery is needed to sort through the different varieties of aluminum. The aluminum is then cleaned using chemicals that are capable of removing organic and oxidized matter from the aluminum waste. It is important to prevent any oxygen from entering the aluminum recycling process during the melting phase. Under high temperatures aluminum will bind with oxygen to oxidize and become brittle. Once the cleaning process is complete the aluminum is inserted into a furnace at a temperature of 750 degrees.

Once the aluminum is reshaped it is analyzed to find out the niches it can be supplied to. Depending on the type of aluminum and alloy ratio more metal may be added to the aluminum. The aluminum is then melted once more and then re-forged into shapes using die and casting. Many different end products can be made from aluminum recycling. Aluminum boxes, bolts and ingots are created via this process. Clean aluminum is prized during recycling as it can be sold to virtually any industry. Irony aluminum is the next impure form. Iron molecules are capable of making aluminum brittle and are more likely to rust or corrode.

There are several waste products that can pass into a secondary recycling phase. White dross is passed through the aluminum recycling process to produce pure aluminum. Several extra processes are created to remove waste material from the aluminum. Passing aluminum through water can help remove hydrogen and acetylene. Ammonia can be removed via mixing with gases. However materials such as asphalt and concrete cannot be removed due to the adhesive nature of the two materials. Hence it is difficult to acquire pure aluminum from the waste material in the process of aluminum recycling.

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Aluminum alloys can be recycled and the things related to this are well explained here. I learned many rare things about aluminum and the recycling of the same. I would like to thank the blog for sharing the details of the recycling of aluminum.

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