Concrete Blocks Retaining Wall

Using a concrete blocks retaining wall is the best way to eliminate a slope that is hard to mow, to level a good patio area, to add a planting bed or to control erosion. A concrete blocks retaining wall is easy to put up, is durable, well priced and come in many different textures and colors. It only takes a weekend to install the usual concrete blocks retaining wall.

The first step is to excavate and level out the area you will be using to set up the concrete blocks retaining wall. Use a four foot level that is attached to a straight two by four or a transit to gain a common stake height, which will indicate the top of your sand leveling bed. Make a flat area that is at least four to six inches deep and twenty to twenty eight inches wide in order to install the compactable base material. Behind the wall, ensure you have a clear area that is at least twelve inches behind the wall to install crushed rock into.

Then install the base material into the tops of the stakes, before compacting it until it is around one inch below the tops. Use a hand tamper for small walls, but a gas powered tamper is better for walls that are more than thirty feet long.

The first course of blocks that are installed needs to have a sand base that is as flat as a pancake. Use the tops of the stakes as guides and use a straight, long screen board to level the sand with a hand towel to fine tune the small humps and dips.

After the first row is set up, pack some native soil to grade the level on both sides of the course of blocks so that the wall is anchored in place. A brick tong will make handling and placing the blocks easier and safer.

Drive the pins in to lock the courses of blocks to one another and ensure a 1 inch backseat for each row. An extra pin can be used to set the installed pins under the surface of the blocks to prevent them interfering with the next row of blocks.

Backfill the wall with crushed gravel rather than smooth gravel because it will lock together better and help direct the backfill pressure downwards instead of outward. It will also act as a path for water drainage and a tree root barrier for your concrete blocks retaining wall.

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