Concrete Driveway Cost

Many people who want a new driveway might want to know some information about concrete driveway cost. The usual types of paved driveways are gravel, asphalt and standard pressed driveways. It can be difficult to decide what type of driveway you want, particularly if you are on a budget and are worried about the concrete driveway cost. The difference in costs and the other essentials that are involved can be a little scary.

The gravel driveway constitutes of gravel, which is made up of loose stones that are relatively small. A gravel driveway is the best choice for someone looking for low cost. A gravel surface is only good for a driveway, however, because the material is too rough to be used for any other part of a house or patio. Anything with small wheels such as a baby stroller, a grill or patio furniture cannot be rolled over a gravel driveway too easily. A driveway made of gravel will also need concrete edging and a strong foundation. However, these are small sacrifices to be made for the low concrete driveway cost of a gravel driveway. It will also take less than a day to set one up.

The next driveway we are looking into is an asphalt driveway. This is not a very common choice when it comes to driveways and is generally laid out in a plain, black color. An asphalt driveway is good for large areas and will not need a lot of maintenance. The disadvantage of this type of driveway is that if the driveway is in direct sunlight it can get very hot and radiate heat to whichever space is surrounding it. Smaller jobs should not consider this type of driveway as it costs more than installing a larger driveway. An asphalt driveway also needs an edging and is more expensive than a gravel driveway and the concrete driveway cost is comparatively the lowest.

Finally, we can consider a standard pressed driveway. This type of driveway is made of pavement slabs processed out of pressed concrete. This means that the surface of this driveway will be very strong as it will be the same as having six inches of concrete. Standard pressed driveways will generally be laid out in two by two foot slabs which are six inches thick. The make up of the concrete is such that it looks better with age. Out of the three driveways discussed here, the standard pressed driveway is the one that is most expensive.

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