Concrete Expansion Joints

Concrete expansion joints are a vital part of any floor or tiling. The joints are used to prevent damaging effects to wall and floors during expansion and compression. Concrete expansion joints are applied within the intervals between concrete slabs. The material used for joints is generally waterproof and resistant to small debris such as sand and gravel. Concrete slabs also use joints when it reaches a wall or barrier. These expansion joints are of the same material as concrete expansion joints. The material used for expansion joints have a high elasticity and can therefore stretch and shrink during different temperatures. This material is generally applied into the framework during construction. If it is being applied well after competition it is recommended that the concrete floor or wall be covered. Concrete expansion joints are highly cohesive due to the nature of the material therefore when using it for decorative purposes ensure that none of it is applied by accident to other surfaces. Sealants are used to prevent any seepage. Therefore once the joint material is inserted it is common practice to cover it with sealant.

There are different varieties of joints used in concrete expansion joints. Expansion joints allow contraction of the slab without any generation of damage to the slab. Therefore no damaging forces are being created. Contraction joints have a simpler purpose and can only shrink or contract. This type of joint is ideal for smaller slabs and paved areas. Crack control joints are partially formed joints that can control the manner of concrete cracks. This is generally used in areas where cracks are inevitable. Construction joints are horizontal and vertical joints that are used for as temporary joints for construction areas. Concrete expansion joints consist of many different materials. The most important materials are flexible board, dowels and sealants. Flexible boards are cheap, readily available and are used for creating expansion joints. Custom sizes can be created at local stores. Dowels are 250 grade steel and used in permanent concrete expansion joints. There are over 3 types of sealants used in creating concrete expansion joints. Hot poured, cold applied and preformed elastomeric are the three variations. The sealant is available in a wide array of canister sizes. Before application the joint area should be thoroughly cleaned of debris such as gravel and sand. After application it is best left covered to dry.

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