Concrete Floor Leveling

Concrete floor leveling is an important thing to do during the process of any type of construction where repairs will eventually need to be made to the floor. There are several pros and cons to concrete floor leveling over other forms of leveling such as with wood or other things that you might be able to get on your floor. One of the main advantages you will see n concrete floor leveling is the fact that the concrete floor will be easily moldable. Because concrete must be mixed with water in order for it to get straight, during the process of leveling, it can be extremely helpful to have such an easily moldable material that you are using. That way if there is an odd lump in the area where there shouldn’t be, you should be able to cut the lump off and make it so that you can easily smooth it out. If you don’t want to cut off the lump, you can depress it until it works its way in with the rest of the concrete, coming to a smooth finish. Once you have reached this state you can do just about anything with the rest of the concrete in order to keep it in line. One of the major cons of concrete floor leveling though is that you cannot stand anywhere on the concrete as it is drying. It is hard to smooth and mold as you go if you have to box yourself into a corner, jump out, and hope for the best. You’d have to suspend yourself from the ceiling like a piñata in order to be able to make any repairs to the concrete that were in the middle or that couldn’t be reached by stretching.

The other main con to this, and it might be the most important con of all is the fact that if you mess up and don’t notice while the concrete is still wet, then you are going to have a hard time fixing it later because you will have to take out an entire section of concrete. And if this is a large section that can’t be compromised by having you step in it or something like that, then you will maybe even have to redo the entire project from scratch and this can really make a lot of people mad. Not only will it delay the project, but it will also waste you money and time, whereas if you were working with wood you could merely take out whatever plank was wrong and replace that instead of demolishing the whole place.

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