Exposed Aggregate Concrete

For most architectural constructions, constructors use exposed aggregate concrete, as it is a more durable decorative concrete than other types of concrete. Normally, taking away the surface layer of the cementing produces this type of concrete. When the top part of the cement is removed, underneath is the aggregate concrete. At the moment, constructors use exposed aggregate concrete to finish driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks etc., as it is extremely durable and gives a non slip surface, on which, people rarely have falls.

Advantages of using exposed aggregate concrete are many. For example, when using exposed aggregate concrete, you have ideally decorative surfaces without a high cost. It is possible, as decorative aggregates need only a very little retardant. The other items that’s needed for producing decorative aggregate concrete are only a garden hose and a sprayer. Furthermore, the procedure is not that complex and to master it will not take a very long time as well.

In addition, the advantages of using exposed aggregate concrete lies in its strength, skid resistance and its ability to bear any type of climate. You can find a great range of selection with exposed aggregate concrete as well. You can have small, large, colored, round and many other shaped exposed aggregate concretes. This type of concrete matches with other ornamental concrete and does not need a lot of regular maintenance. You only need to clean them less frequently and sealing is needed only once in a couple of years.

Monolithic, seeded and overlay are the three basic techniques used with exposed aggregate concrete. When using monolithic methods, batches of aggregate are put in to the truck right inside the plant. This technique is commonly used, as it is easier than other methods. Normally, small pieces of aggregate (pea stone) are used with the monolithic method. When using the seeded technique, decorative aggregates are manually placed on top of the concrete as soon as the concrete is positioned, and manually floated. The next technique is overlaying. It is done on an old concrete, on which, new aggregates are plated giving an entirely new look to the old concrete layers.

Exposed aggregate concrete is cost effective being very cheap and strong. It also gives a marvelous outlook. Because of this reason, a few do not use exposed decorative concrete in their architectural constructions nowadays. Wherever you look, you can witness this fact very well. Quality and practicability is the secrets of the popularity of any method for a long time.

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