How To Make Concrete

Knowing how to make concrete is of great importance as the material is used for almost every construction which you could possibly come up with- everything from the simplest tower to a huge skyscraper. Purchasing ready mix concrete is always an alternative but it has its disadvantages such as higher price and uncertainty about the quality (although it is usually good).

So it has just been made clear that making concrete would be a very beneficial skill of yours. What you are probably thinking right now that it is impossible to learn how to make it just by reading a short article based on the topic. But no- it is absolutely possible since there is a specific ‘recipe’ consisting of several steps which you need to follow strictly so as to be able to make concrete of excellent quality.

Undoubtedly, the first thing which you need to be familiar with is the ingredients. But there is nothing much to remember as there are only three ingredients needed- cement, building sand and water. It could not be simpler, don’t you think so?

Once you have provided yourself with the needed ingredients, you have passed the half way on the journey called ‘how to make concrete’. What you need to do afterwards is mix the cement and the sand which you had gotten. But be careful because there is a certain proportion to follow- the ratio is 2 parts cement at 1 part sand (or 3:1, depending on the cement and sand). Speaking in numbers, if you have 1000 kilos of cement, you will need anywhere from 333 to 500 kilos of building sand.

After having mixed the two ingredients, you will need to add the water. But as you have probably realized, you will need a place to mix them. What you can do is either build a mixing box or use a special piece of equipment which will mix them for you- quickly and effortlessly. When making a large amount of concrete, you are likely to need a concrete mixed. Of course, renting it for a day would probably be more than enough (still depending on the project).

Once you have mixed everything by any of the ways which were mentioned above, you have done everything needed. As you could yourself see, learning how to make concrete is a very simple task and could be easily ‘mastered’ thanks to a simple and short article, exactly like this one!

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