Reinforced Concrete Wall

Strength and durability is the main feature of a reinforced concrete wall. They are made combining steel and cement. Other materials such as fiber, composite, plastics are also used to produce reinforced concrete. With reinforced concrete, buildings become sturdier and stronger than the ones made with normal concrete. Builders place steel arranged frames vertically within the concrete when producing reinforced concrete walls.

Normal concrete, though it has great strength, is weak versus tension. On the other hand, steel has remarkable compressive strength as well as tensile power. When you place steel bars or frames within concrete, you can produce reinforced concrete, which you can use for walls and other parts of construction enhancing durability of the construction to the maximum.

Both these materials alone have less résistance to different conditions. For example, concrete has greater resistance to fire than steel alone. On the other hand, compressive strength of steel is very much higher than concrete. Its tensile strength is approximately 100 times higher than unreinforced concrete as well. However, when mixed with concrete, the compressive strength of steel lowers to some degree and it may shrink in certain environmental conditions after a considerable period of time.

You can buy precast reinforced concrete wall as well. They are manufactured to clients’ measurements. The cost of construction is lesser with a precast reinforced concrete wall, as you could minimize labor costs that are otherwise needed for onsite pouring of concrete using in-situ reinforcing methods. The quality of a reinforced concrete wall should be recommended to site engineers and related officials before it is used for constructions. Even though reinforced concrete buildings do not collapse easily, collapse of one part of a building during a natural disaster may cause great losses. When reinforced concrete walls are made with insufficient steel, they could bend during an earthquake or similar disasters causing a high number of deaths and considerable property destruction.

Large windows, improper spaces, extreme heights, peculiar shapes etc., compel inefficient builders to use insufficient reinforcement materials in the concrete for the sake of designs. Although a reinforced concrete wall does not collapse entirely, their bending could make other areas above the walls to collapse too. When using reinforced concrete walls, you have to get instructions from qualified architects in this regard. Neglect of recommended procedures will end with destruction of many lives as well as materials, especially during major natural disaster occurrences. Therefore, you have to proceed with a perfect plan and expert’s assistance when building with a reinforced concrete wall.

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Reinforced concrete walls are usually built for the vaults of banks and other financial infrastructures. And the most common ways to make a reinforced concrete wall is but mixing steel and concrete together. But it is very difficult to incorporate windows and doors within these walls.

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