Self Leveling Concrete

Self leveling concrete is an incredible product. You can use it to repair your existing floors without having to grind them. Usually, floors are damaged after some time due to harsh weather conditions, movement of heavy items, and many other impacts. When this happens, you will not have to grind the whole floor to repair it with self-leveling concrete. Because of this, it is now very popular among builders as well as among ordinary people.

Using polymers with concrete is not a new idea. It has been in use in the construction field for more than 70 years. It was first used in 1940 for repairing bridges and ship decks and later used for repairing vast areas of floors. Polymers are molecules of organic materials. When they are mixed with water and admixtures, it becomes a more complex compound. The process is called polymerization. Mixing this with hydraulic cement according to the right techniques would produce highly practicable self-leveling concrete.

Before you over lay on your damaged floors, you have to clean the whole area very well with a floor machine. If there are holes on the floor, they should be covered with a suitable mixture. Filling holes in the floor before repairing with self-leveling concrete would reduce the overall cost. Self leveling concrete is thinner than regular concrete. When you apply self-leveling concrete, the mixture flows and fills into the depressions and holes of the floor very fast.

Non-leveled spaces are also leveled with concrete. As self-leveling concrete has a silky appearance and smoothness than other types of concrete, many people use it to produce an artistic appearance to floors. You can use wood and metal to form squares or other shapes on the floor and then pour the concrete. In this way, you can create great designs that may immediately catch the attention of visitors. Many people use self-leveling concrete to level uneven surfaces before tiling. It is a perfect way to level any uneven surfaces for tiling or carpeting.

Advantages of laying self-leveling concrete are many. As it is mixed with polymers, this type of concrete has greater bonding strength than normal concrete. It also has greater thawing and freezing resistances. Less permeability, greater strength and abrasion resistance are some other advantages of self-leveling concrete. There are many types of self-leveling concrete mixtures in the market. You have to select a quality mix to repair your existing floors, as some products lack certified mixtures.

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