Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors are likely to sound like something which you could never have. Do you truly think that way? Actually, it does not matter because facts are facts and what they say is: concrete can be stained. It does not matter what you have heard before- it was certainly not the truth if it was said to you that concrete floors (or walls or whatever) cannot be stained.

Stained concrete floors are something which an objective which you even can achieve by yourself. Yes, that was right- you may not use the service of a professional painter. That would cost a lot of money and you have no guarantee that you will get the work done the way you want it. So you can be sure that as long as you are careful and really want to achieve good results (which means having very beautiful stained concrete floors), you will manage better than most of the unserious painters, even though you do not have experience in the ‘art of staining’.

Anyway there are certain rules which you need to know before taking up with the responsible activity of staining your concrete floor. For instance, what you should pay attention to is the stain which is going to be used. Making a mistake here would be fatal for the whole concrete floor because the quality of the stain will determine the beauty of your floor in the end. So make sure you choose expensive stain: no matter how expensive it is, by doing the painting on your own, it will not cost you more than $0.5 per square meter. And that is just great, don’t you think so?

But let’s get back to the concrete stain. Play pay attention to the word ‘stain’- it must not be film. If you let yourself be misled by a low-quality manufacturer, then you will remember your stupidity for really a lot of time…unless you make the decision to stain the concrete floor over and cover the failure. Anyway using good stain is not a guarantee for everything. If you do not want damages in the end, you should also think about how to protect yourself from the paint. It would definitely be appropriate to use mouth, eye and ear coverers. Protecting the skin is also important but even if you get some stain on your hands, it would not be that serious. Just wash the affected area of skin by using plenty of water and soap. By following these rules, stained concrete floors will certainly not be an obstacle for you.

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