Lenovo Energy Management

Lenovo is a company renowned for its outstanding contribution through advanced technology, sound business practices and its role in environmental protection. Lenovo energy management is also known for the career and financial opportunities it offers to its people as well as the employee fulfillment derived from the organization.

At Lenovo, the values shared and the business practices deployed are key strategies in the success of the company. These have enabled the organization to raise standards on coming up with technological and award-winning innovations. By focusing on the contentment and success of their customers, Lenovo has always been at the forefront of the pursuit of innovative solutions, to enable the delivery of products and services needed by customers fast and effectively. While at it, the organization strives for honesty, trust and personal responsibility in relationships within and without the organization. In addition, the employees work in collaboration with esteem and value for individual differences, while enjoying the opportunity to work across cultures.

At Lenovo, the people have a general desire to be the best. They strive to achieve this through day-to-day activities including customer service, working together as a team and taking part in community projects. The company works to ensure the delivery of unrivalled products, produced and maintained by people from a host of various experiences and cultures. Lenovo derives strength in the diversity of its people, and they enhance this by creating a new language for addition and show of value for others in each project. Lenovo supports entrepreneurship and ownership by creating a place of work where people’s talents are tested, while their efforts are acknowledged and rewarded.

Lenovo launched the New Technology Developer Inc. in the year 1984, funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2006, the first Lenovo products outside China were launched. Researchers, product design and technical teams all over the world have merged Lenovo's legacy in entrepreneurship and technology to design the Lenovo 3000 product line, featuring innovative desktop and notebook models designed to offer computing to the small business market niche.

In the year 2008, Lenovo contributed to the smooth performance of the Beijing Olympic Games free of error. This was through a Lenovo solution, which included over 30,000 pieces of Lenovo equipment and 600 Lenovo engineers. Generally, it is clearly evident that Lenovo is at the forefront of supporting technology and innovation to provide solutions to customers all over the world.

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