5000 Watt Generator

It’s not enough to have a backup generator connected to your home’s electricity architecture- you need to know just how much power it will give you. Generators basically come with precise specifications of the maximum wattage that they can give out. This information is important because it will help you establish just how big a generator you need for your home. The rule is, the bigger your property, the more the appliances you are likely to have and the more power you are likely to need. A 5000 watt generator can suffice, but there are a few things you need to know first.

With the many appliances a home has, it’s virtually impossible to have them all running at the same time, unless you are looking to spend a lot on your energy bill. So it goes without saying that when there is a power outage, your most power-hungry appliances like your dryer, heater should be off. For these to be on, and the rest of your house to be powered, a 5000 watt generator will sadly, not be adequate. If you however take them out of the equation, you would have enough power for lighting your entire household. Incandescent bulbs generally consume more wattage than fluorescent lamps, even with the same brightness output. The fridge can stay on, as well as the TV, music system and the AC unit, but that is a little close to just how far you can go before you exhaust the wattage output. If there is still the need to have all the appliances running, you have the option of running one at a time, to avoid creating a power need that your generator cannot meet.

A 5000 watt generator is unlikely to be big in terms of size, so it is common to find both portable and stationary ones. Considering the modesty of the wattage, you are likely to get more mobile generators than stationary ones. You get a variety of choices, owing to the many available manufacturers with their different products. At this point, it becomes a question of who is offering the best product at the most competitive price. A modest budget of $500 will get you a 5000 watt generator. For those willing to spend more, the figure can ascend to $1500 and beyond. The fuel you have in hand will also matter, as there are those powered by gas, and others gasoline.

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5000 watt generator is a powerful device. A great backup generator for home. And a good thing it is not big and doesn't take much place. You can choose between portable and stationary ones. And $500 is not an exorbitant price for this kind of generator.