Cat Generators

Caterpillar is a renowned name in the making of anything heavy and metallic, or machinery and engines to be more precise. Their products list extends to accommodate generators for both residential and commercial uses. Statistically speaking, Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of diesel engine generators, and this must imply that their products are dependable. Cat generators can be used in either a residential or commercial settings.

As far as fueling is concerned, cat generators can be powered by diesel, natural gas, methane, or bio-gas. This diversity is important, as it opens up the generators to new markets. As far as power output is concerned, cat generators are engineered with different capabilities. The smallest generators have modest outputs, with the wattage being as low as 12KW for the diesel engines and 11KW for the natural gas engines. On the higher side though, the generators can produce an outstanding amount of power which is hard to match. For the diesel powered generators, 17460KW can be produced, while the natural gas ones can manage 8150KW, which is sufficient for most industrial needs.

Cat generator designs are similar to what the competition has to offer. But for the high power output cat generators, the designs are a little more sophisticated. The difference in design is important as it allows greater power generation, but without exponentially increasing the emissions produced, especially for the diesel engines. Fuel efficiency is one of the selling points of cat generators, with the company making sure that worldwide regulations concerning emissions are complied with.

Cat generators provide optimal performance to meet your backup power needs. There are many designs provided, with each one offering the same reliability and durability as the next. The advantage with buying a Caterpillar generator is that you buy from a company with an extensive network. Should the day ever come when you parts, the extensive dealer network covers most areas, so you should locally find the power systems and all the support that you might need. Cat generators are made to need minimal maintenance though, so you can expect your unit to run for a few thousand hours before anything needs to be checked out.

If you are in the market for quality generators offering uninterrupted power supply, and steady performance for a long period of time, you need to look no further than cat generators. You always get the best when you shop from an industry leader.

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