Cummins Generator

Many of you have probably heard of the Cummings Company which manufactures generators, engines and stuff like that. Yes, it’s one of the most successful companies in the field nowadays but it’s also one of the newest companies which came into the sector and this line of business (engines and generators). A Cummins generator is really not that much different from most of its type but what makes it so much preferred over the other brands’ items is the great reputation which the company has managed to gain.

If you have studied marketing, you probably know that the reputation of a company means a lot. Yes, it does play a huge difference between purchasing an item of a company like Cummins and purchasing the very same item of another brand even though both items are very much likely to have the same characteristics. It sounds interesting, don’t you think so? But there is one more surprising thing in marketing related to the reputation. There is a term existing ‘brand reputation price’ which determines the price of the item in general and the item’s additional price which could be placed thanks to the brand’s excellent reputation. The brand reputation price may reach 90% of the overall price, which really is a lot. Let’s just take a simple example: a Cummins generator and the very same generator of an unknown quality. Let’s say that generators are absolutely the same (parameters, characteristics, efficiency and even their outlook is the same). But as Cummins is a renowned company it can afford to sell its product at a much higher rate than the other company. So it will benefit from the good reputation created.

Anyway, how did Cummins become such a successful company? What did they do so as to be loved by their customers? Basically, they really cared about the satisfaction of their customers from the very beginning. If a customer wasn’t satisfied with their engine or Cummins generator, they could turn it back and get a refund. Little by little, Cummins became a company known as the one ‘valuing its customers’ and it managed to become famous. Of course, many other marketing key strategies of the company contributed to the increasing popularity.

To sum up, a Cummins generator is at a bit higher price but you should not think it’s only because of the company’s excellent reputation. Yes, it’s true that there is a possibility that you get a generator of the same quality but at a lower rate but you are much more likely to come across cheaters and waste your money. That’s why purchasing items of renowned brands like Cummins is highly recommendable.

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