Dynamo Generators

Dynamo generators are frowned about due to their limited power supply. However it is proved that a dynamo can provide more power than standard batteries. Older dynamo systems unfortunately had many drawbacks that led to its demise and disappearance. However newer models have very little faults. Dynamo generators are ideal for bicycles as it provides a far greater light and does not require any maintenance. Dynamo generators used to cause significant damage to tires and functioned poorly when it rained or the system was wet. Hub dynamo generators are the latest in dynamo generators and can prevent problems that arise with dynamos. These generators continue to function properly in rain and wet conditions.

Hub dynamos are located on the front wheel and generate electricity for the front lights while providing minimum resistance. Hub dynamos provide perfect lighting as it focuses on lighting the ground and sides in front without creating a linear lighting effect like battery oriented lights. Shimano and shift are the two main hub dynamo suppliers within the market. There is a great degree of difference in the products the two manufacturers produce. The noticeable difference is the drag produced on the wheel and the cost. Many high end models are costly but produce a negligible drag. While the lower end models produce a large amount of resistance. When purchasing a hub dynamo, users will have to reassemble the front wheel. Bottle dynamos do not require installation but produce significant drag on the rear wheel and can impede long distance travel. An additional feature with hub dynamo is the capacitor stored electrical energy which provides energy when the bicycle is reversing. This feature helps to illuminate the rear and front light. Schmidt powered hub dynamos are ideal and provide the ideal setup. The hub is connected to a B&M lamp which provides the ideal illumination. Sensors can also be installed with hub dynamos. Automatic sensors are capable of identifying poorly lit conditions and will automatically which on the front and rear lights. This eliminates the need for manual control where users must switch on and off lights. If the lights are kept on it may damage the capacitors and will expose the wheels to wear and tear.

Dynamo generators are ideal for bicycles. It costs much less to have this permanent system installed rather than using a battery powered lamp light.

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