Electric Start Generator

Most electric generators supply power in mid-range level, normally it is between 6 to 10 kilowatts. You could switch them off with a remote controller or by pressing an electric switch. Portable electric start generators are available in many sizes and models. Most of them have an extra switch other than the electric switch as a back up and by pulling it manually, the generator can be powered. The electric start generator is available for business, home and outdoor usages. When you need to buy an electric start generator, you have to look for its special features, as they are hard to guess by just a glance.

One special feature of the electric start generator is its ability to switch off automatically when the diesel has lowered to a certain level. It prevents damages to the generator that otherwise could happen due to overheating. Although the auto-shutting capability of a generator is useful, the generator does not have to use it if the fuel is enough to run for many hours. People buy a electric start generator, as they supply more power than other generators. They could be run with fuel as well.

The electric start generator is available under many famous brand names. The EU3000is a Super Quiet Portable Inverter electric generator under Honda brand name. It is ideal for outdoor trips and for camping. This one is a fully covered generator and is noiseless. It can contain about 3.4 gallons of fuel although it consumes a very low rate of fuel. Electronic circuit breakers and computer-based inverters could be fitted with Honda EU3000is.

Another famous electric start generator is the Hyundai Hy31000LE. It is an electric start petrol generator that is able to produce 3 kilowatt of power. You find this type more in the automotive industrial field as well as the construction field. The fuel capacity is around 15 liters. Besides the electric starter, it has an internal circuit breaker as well as a manual pull start.

Yet another popular electric start generator is Clarke 4.5VA Petrol Generator FG4050ES. It is steel-framed and suitable for domestic use. This product is manufactured in compliance with the EU directives. Most people in suburban areas use this type, as it produces no noise and produces minimum environmental pollution. The total capacity is around 25 liters and consumes about 2.4 liters per hour. With a full tank of petrol, the model could operate around 11 hours. The electric start generator enjoys a high rate of popularity nowadays, as it is reliable, durable and dependable as well as noiseless giving out a high amount of power during a power cut.

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