Generator Sizing

What is generator sizing? Self evidently, it means the size of generator. Now, the other question is, does the size really matter? The answer is yes; the size might not seem important to some people. However, it is because they have not been in to purchasing a generator ever. Generating sizing is one of the key issues which you have to look for when buying a generator. In fact, the whole purpose of purchasing a generator is dependent on this decision. It is due to the fact that if a generator cannot fulfill your needs of power generation then practically, it is of no use for you. In addition to that, this decision is even taken prior to the decision of what type of generator you want; either you want a standby power generator or prime power generator.

Make no mistake while taking this decision, as failure in taking a wrong decision of sizing would actually jeopardize your electrical devices or machines which are connected with the generator. Now the other question which can be asked here that is whether determining the size of generator which you require is difficult or not? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, it is not that easy to determine due to certain factors.

Due to latest technological advancements, generators are available in vast variety and in different sizes. This is one of the factors of why generator sizing is important. You might end up buying a larger or smaller generator than your actual requirement. If you are buying a generator for your home or for your small shop, then it is advisable that you buy one having a capacity between 5 and 50Kw. On the other hand, if you are an industrialist then you need to buy a generator having capacity up to 3 megawatt. You might also want to look at the portable generators available if you are considering for your home or something on smaller scale.

Generator sizing is all about knowing your power needs. The best way to do that is to call the electrician and get the place inspected where you want your generator installed. You will need to know about all the items you want to get powered up by the generator. So, no guessing, jot the things down on a piece of paper while inspection. By doing this, you will be able to calculate your power requirements and only then you can buy the right generator.

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