Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

With the massive dependency the world has on fossil fuels, it hardly comes as a surprise that the oil prices sometimes soar to levels where most average people are not quite comfortable with. Despite the resource being there, affording it on a constant basis is not always easy, especially when the prices keep fluctuating. This has perhaps been the inspiration to seeking out new sources of power, and one that has grown in popularity is the hydrogen fuel cell generator. Statistically, this generator is mostly being seen in automobiles where it increases fuel efficiency by an impressive percentage.

A hydrogen fuel cell generator is powered by hydrogen, so finding a dependable source of the element is important. Using the aforementioned example, hydrogen is sourced from water, which is chemically a molecule of hydrogen combined with that of oxygen. For the hydrogen to be used, the water has to be electrolyzed, for the molecule to be liberated. Sun or wind energy can be used for this, but for convenience in an automobile, a basic hydrogen fuel cell is used. By description it is usually an electrolyte that is surrounded, or rather sandwiched in a catalytic layer. For this fuel cell, a source of hydrogen and oxygen has to be provided, and water is readily a resource for this. Some fuel cells are designed to release water, which can then be recycled and reused for more energy generation. This kind of hydrogen fuel cell generator is referred to as regenerative.

Besides use in powering automobiles, a hydrogen fuel cell can be used in an industrial setting for provision of power, or in a home setting for provision of electricity. The source of hydrogen has to be defined though, as it will influence the success of the generator. Some of the sources include natural gas, which is readily available. Coal gasification can be used to extract hydrogen too, but the carbon dioxide produced has to be sequestered. It’s only suitable for industrial use since use of coal is a home setting is not really practical.

The hydrogen fuel cell generator clearly has a bright future ahead of it. Taking into consideration the magnitude of fuel efficiency got from the generator, and the fact that there are minimal wastes produced it clearly helps to sell the hydrogen fuel cell as a future source of clean energy. It even eliminates the need for energy storage, since the fuel cell can produce energy on demand.

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It’s only suitable for industrial use since use of coal is a home setting is not really practical.

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