Orgone Generators

Orgone Generators are highly interesting devices that change negative energy that will come from cell phones, TV sets, microwaves, computers, electrical structures, etc. into “positive life energy”. Positive orgone is a term that is known as Prana in India, ki in Japan and Chi in China. These devices work in a very simple manner. They will have the negative energy drawn in by organic components and then it will be bounced between suspended metal particles and resin. Thanks to the use of crystalline structures the energy will thus be re-radiated as clean, positive energy.

Orgone generators are based on the work of Don Croft, who invented the first ever orgone device. All was based on the research of Wilhelm Reich. He tried to purify natural or man-made energy. This led to the appearance of orgone generators. The devices will transmute DOR (deadly orgone energy) that is generated by devices like the ones mentioned above. The creators claim that these devices are going to help a lot and you will see that plants are going to look better while the neighbors will be friendlier.

Contrary to what you might believe, there are many orgone generators on the market. We have different companies that make them and there are actually quite many that are interested in purchasing such devices. The problem is that you are probably not going to find orgone generators at electrical stores where you live. Even if the gadgets do enjoy a high popularity, the supply is not as high as the demand. This basically means that your best source of purchasing orgone generators is the Internet.

The good news is that the Internet is filled with many websites that are going to sell orgone generators. The bad news is that some of these sites are not legit and are just trying to sell you something that will not be useful. Remember that we are talking about orgone energy and the entire topic is highly subjective to criticism. There are some people that will simply try to sell you something that is not actually an orgone generator and it is hard to spot the fake ones from the real ones. What you will need to do is research the site that you are considering buying from. Look at what other customers said about them. If the orgone generators offered are not good there is a very big chance that there are internet posts about that. Just be careful and you will surely find what you are looking for.

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