Propane Generators

Now that it has become somewhat common knowledge that we are running out of oil and coal and other fossil fuels, it has become more common to make use of things like propane generators for our energy uses. People think they are really helping out themselves and the world economy by switching to propane and they’d be partially correct. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe getting their electricity from propane based systems instead of coal and oil help take some of the pressure off of car drivers and off of electric companies everywhere but this does not solve the problem entirely. This is because like coal and oil, propane is just as rare. I mean it’s not rare now, it’s fairly common, but the rate of usage is forever increasing, and like the other forms of fuel, propane is non renewable. This means that once we start expending propane through use of propane generators, that deposit of propane is gone forever, there is no more left and we are done with it. It can no longer be used and there will be no natural recycling we can do in order to get it back. It is non-renewable and the only other alternatives we have for it are also non-renewable. So while shopping for propane generators is a good idea now, in fifty or one hundred years, it won’t be.

We need to come up with replacements for it that are renewable.

A good example of renewable models would be wind generators and hydroelectric energy generators. They are based on water and wind, and as long as we are alive, water will always exist. I say this because we need water and if for some reason all the water were to evaporate and disappear into the atmosphere instead of coming back down as rain, we would all be dead. This is not something we will ever have to worry about though so it is not something we need to consider. If all the water goes away we will have much bigger problems than propane generators and alternative energy sources. As of now though we don’t have to worry about that and likely never will. When oil and coal are used up, everyone will turn to propane and it will become just as rate, but as stated earlier, this is not going to happen for a few decades, so in your lifetime a propane generator may be a good idea, just don’t hold your breath for the future where they might be worth more as recycling material.

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These ideas are so workable if we find the best calculations, but there is a need to make the things easy. A lot of people think that if we will face these issues government will be able to deal with the things and have the capacity to find the alternatives.

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Yes that is the point.

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