Vertical Wind Generators

Wind generators are of two types and they are called horizontal turbines and vertical wind turbines. When you use vertical wind generators, you have many advantages over horizontal turbines. The vertical one does not use much wind to spin and it spins irrespective to which direction the wind flows, you even do not have to use an extra fin to adjust the unit to the direction of the wind. Furthermore, it is more reliable than the horizontal wind generator when cross wind flows.

Besides these reasons, there are many more reasons for you to select vertical wind generators over horizontal ones. They are compact and you can install them anywhere you like. You do not have to fix them on a high spot and if you need, you can put them in the garden as well as on your outdoor porch. You can also put them on roof tops and similar places. One reason, you may not fix one at your place may be, you find that vertical wind generators are rare in the market. Nevertheless, if you have little knowledge on the subject you can build one on your own with common items that you find at home.

The cost of your product would depend on how methodically and technically you need it. There are DIY kits on the market that contain items to make vertical wind generators. If you need you can get the blades made of special metals, high quality generators and conversion gadgets. This way you can produce a high quality, cost effective vertical wind generator or you can buy cheap items and produce one with less cost.

Nevertheless, looking at ways to buy or make items with less cost is not a good idea, as you may end up with inferior products. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, one could make a quality product with less cost as well. For example, with some PVC pipes for blades, bicycle wheels to mount them, and by connecting it to 38V Amek Motor, one could make an excellent vertical wind generator.

If you do not want to make one yourself, then there are many places to buy them. Many people use additional power generating components as well with a vertical wind generator such as solar energy panels, geothermal generators, and magnetic generators. Many people find alternatives to produce energy for their needs, as power bills are regularly spiraling. Even though you cannot produce all the power that you need, you could at least make half of it when you use alternative methods such as a vertical wind generator. It is true that there will not be wind all the time, but it is also true that we have to make hay whenever the sun shines.

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