Wacker Generators

Wacker generators are used by construction workers to power high energy machinery. These generators have been used for decades due to the quality and portability Wacker generators provide. The technology and design makes Wacker generators a greener solution to portable power than most other generators. Wacker generators can be used in emergency and standby powers. Commercial portable Wacker generators can be built with a specific purpose on man. Wacker generators are extremely customizable and can be altered to perfectly power a device. Wacker also produces a variety of different construction machinery as well. Electric pumps, breakers, drills and heaters can also be found in the Wacker showrooms. Wacker generators are ideal for powering small businesses and homes. There is a large range of generators with variable power sources that can be found online and in showrooms in your locale.

The more popular Wacker GV 5600A comes with a commercial grade Honda OHV engine. This engine has intelligent fuel and oil design. It is capable of shutting down the generator when fuel reserves run low. Honda engines are known for their optimum performance and durability. The large fuel tank can be used to store over 12.5 hours of power. A durable steel frame is used to protect the engine and frame of the Wacker GV 5600A. It is capable of providing a power output of 120v. This power output will cover practically all household appliances. The most noticeable feature in the Wacker GV 5600A is the low noise during its function. It has an inbuilt muffler to reduce noise pollution significantly.

The Wacker Neuson GP5600A portable generator is used on farm and domestic areas. This Wacker generator is a heavy duty mobile generator that can be powered with a tractor or pickup engine. It is durable and lightweight therefore it can be carried easily. The compact frame can be outfitted with pneumatic wheels to simplify smaller adjustments. The Wacker generators are a popular product in the mobile generator market. It can be attached to a variety of different vehicles for transport. The steel frame is built to resist corrosion and moisture. The largest Wacker generator is the Wacker Neuson it is used to create a power output of 9.7kW. This generator is mainly used for construction and other high power demanding applications. The Wacker Neuson utilizes a three phase power process which helps promote fuel efficiency.

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