Wind Generator Blades

The use of alternative sources of power is something receiving greater emphasis today. With wind being such a ready resource, all the homeowners who can be able to harness it to produce electricity are encouraged to do so. One reason why many shy away from the idea is because of the cost that comes with buying and installing a residential wind turbine. Though it is a good long term investment, the initial capital is above the reach of some people. The preferred alternative is assembling a wind turbine with locally available materials. It is cheaper, and one is able to build a fully functional structure. In the making of the turbine though, one complicated step is in the making of wind generator blades.

In the years past, wood was the preferred raw material. With its abundance, and lack of better raw materials, its use was totally warranted. Wood can still be used in the making of wind generator blades, but there are several reasons why it’s not the best material. The first is forging wood into the desired airfoil shape is far from easy. Secondly, wood might chip, and this will affect its weight. When the weights of the blades are inconsistent, the integrity of the turbine is compromised, and the structure could easily fail in the face of strong wind currents. Metal is one alternative to wood. But either its weight or cost will make it unsuitable. The final material that can be used in the making of the wind generator blades is plastic, or PVC to be more precise. It’s a readily available raw material, and one that is relatively inexpensive. It needs to be cut to size before it can be used in a wind turbine. Since it is cheap to acquire, it is easy to replace should it be damaged in a heavy storm.

Another advantage of PVC wind generator blades is that they prevent rotations that are too fast. This protects the generator from direct damage. Though sometimes two blades are used for a wind turbine, it is highly recommended that three are used, since they provide more balance, and better work output. Reiterating on a strongly suggested point, the blades need to be balanced. This consistency will help the rotations of the wind turbine generator smoothen out, and maintain the integrity of the structure as a whole. If you are unable to assemble your own, you can buy pre-fabricated wind generator blades as they are available for purchase.

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