Windmill Generator

The windmill generator is a bit of an incorrect term these days. Whenever we see the pinwheel shape we tend to call that a windmill even though the actual word windmill is merely a combination of the words “wind” and “mill.” That might not mean much to a younger audience but anyone that’s seen an actual windmill especially if they saw it from the inside, would know that windmill means an entirely different thing from a wind powered generator. A windmill was a device that would harness the power of the wind, using fans shaped in a pinwheel fashion but it would not actually save any of this energy because that capability is something we have only recently learned. They did not have that technological capability back in the day when the windmill existed. Instead the windmill portion would be hooked up to a series of gears that would cause the sorghum and other various grains in the mill to grind down. It was one of the earliest forms of automated activity and made the process of milling a million times easier for people but it did not do anything like the windmill generator we use today would do.

This is because the windmill generator of today is actually a wind turbine that takes in the power supplied by the wind, or to be more exact, absorbs the kinetic energy created when the wind causes the fans of the pinwheel to spin. This energy is collected and then can be used in any way or dispersed on anything in the form of electrical energy. The windmills of yesteryear were mere vehicles for actual mills to get work done faster with little human intervention, which would save money and time. Entire mills could become a one man operation as long as the wind was doing everything. Now we do our mills by using a windmill generator or two that you might find at a wind farm to create electricity which will then be supplied to the mill. It is both highly modern and extremely sustainable. Nothing can beat the old method of milling in terms of sustainability, but the electricity being supplied by external pinwheel wind generators causes the operation to run faster too. So all in all it becomes a better deal for faster business for them to just use the power supplied by wind farms and then apply that to mills instead of going with the old method which is probably seen as archaic.

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