Antique Mining Equipment

Mining is actually the extraction of different metals and minerals from the mines using several processes. Anything which is not cultivated or which cannot be produced is mined from the mines. Some of the minerals which can be mined are precious metals, base metals, coal, diamonds, iron, limestone, uranium, rock salt, oil shake. Mining is practised from a very long time; modern mining requires a lot of machinery and several miners to carry out mining. In earlier days peoples used some other equipment for the purpose of mining. Some of the major antique mining equipments are listed and described below.

Wooden tools - in ancient times mining included wooden tools to carry out different mining process. Mining was very tough at those times so hand made tools were invented to carry out mining. Mainly the workers used the hand made weapons to mine the minerals out of the mine. After that those minerals were purified using several techniques.

Transportation vehicles - in ancient times no automobile was invented to transport the raw materials from one place to another place. Carts were used to transport the raw materials. These carts were pulled by animals like cow or horses. Every process at that time was very slow and time taking.

Hand pulled carts - hand pulled carts were used at that time to carry out the minerals from the mine to the outside world. These carts were operated manually but now day's automatic carts are available to transport the minerals out of the mine. Mines are generally very deep and so it is not possible for the miner to come out of the mine every time.

Hand made tools - tools which were used at that time were not so technically advanced and so for the mining purpose miners used hand made tools like axe and other cutting tools. At that time manual working was done a lot and automatic mining was invented later on. Manual mining was more time taking than the usual automatic techniques but ancient peoples helped us a lot in inventing the mining techniques because all the mining machines are built on the ancient theory only.

Mining is done since the ancient eras and even Roman and Egyptian civilisation also practised mining and many other civilisations in the past practised mining to extract some of the precious metals. They used these metals mainly in making weapons. Modern mining is different from ancient mining but still it is inherited from ancient mining.

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fashion for play said:

Mining is a huge process of extracting many metals and minerals from the mines using several high-tech equipments. I have heard that the antique equipments were much efficient to extract the metals and minerals. But I think that was little bit hard comparing with new equipments. Thanks for introducing the antique mining equipments.

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