Best Place To Mine Gold

The whole process of searching and exploration for traces of gold and the adventure involved in it is definitely exciting. But the excitement of exploration and searching for gold can never be compared in any manner to the excitement and exhilaration involved in finding the glittering metal. No wonder that the yellow metal has been associated with many expeditions and gold rushes. The major part of the period from 1600 to 2000 has witnessed numerous gold rushes. Brazil, Australia, North America, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Alaska and Mongolia all have seen major gold rushes.

But one thing is certain, not all of the prospectors or gold diggers actually found any gold, or even if they found any gold, the amount of gold which they could find was very negligible. The majority of the explorers who set out to search for gold in the West was truly experienced and could be considered as experts in their field. But in spite of their experience and expertise, nothing much came out of their gold searches, with the negligible amount of gold being found. There are actually no written records or any documentation, but some written evidence scattered here and there, does suggest that out of the entire number of the explorers who set out on their long expeditions, only a tiny few people could actually support themselves with the gold found out by them.

Many gold diggers or enthusiasts still believe that they can finally manage to find some amount of gold if they search for it in the streams of the West. But the placer deposits in the Western streams have already been thoroughly exploited by the Chinese workers and later by the itinerant miners in the year 1930.

Gold Mining sites are found to be spread all over the earth. Placed over the diverse continents and numerous nations, gold has proclaimed its presence everywhere. South Africa is the world’s leading producer of gold and is known as the worlds gold cradle. It produces more than 40 to 45 % of the world’s entire gold.

There are still areas in the West, where people can stake a claim in case they find any gold on their exploration trips. These areas are:












North Dakota

New Mexico

Florida etc.

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The best ever place to mine gold will be Africa. As according to the information and the knowledge I have I know that the Africa has most of the gold mining places and plants. And they are all working as a slave there.


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