Coal Mine Equipment

Coal mining is a very lucrative business and coal being in demand as a natural resource, has been mined for several years. In ancient times also coal mining was done. Now a days coal mining is a big need for industries and even for the common people. Coal is a very essential form of energy and it is used worldwide for the different purpose. Coal mining is done with the help of miners and a lot of machineries which can deal with mining very efficiently. These modern machineries are invented to make the mining process fast and efficient. These machineries are helpful in every kind of mining. Modern mining includes the work of computers and other machines which have decreased the workforce from 35000 to 7200 and the efficiency is increased from 50% to 85%.

Equipments which are required for coal mining are.

1. Trucks - trucks are required to transport the extracted coal from one place to another and for this purpose a heavy vehicle is required. Trucks are as important as miners who work in the mine for more than 12 hours a day.

2. Cutting machine - different cutting machines are used for different types of coal mining. Coal mining is of different types so machines vary with the type of mining. Cutting or extracting machine is used in extraction of coal and they are sent for purification.

3. Purification machines - different purification machines are used to purify the coal extracted from the mines and this helps in obtaining high quality coal. After purification is done these coals are sent for resizing.

4. Crushers - crushers are used for crushing the coal into smaller coal and then they are sent to company where these coals are processed. For transporting these coals trucks are used.

Coal mining is of different types and so the equipments used for coal mining are also different. Lot of scientists and engineers are also working on inventing better and efficient machines to increase extraction of coal from these mines. Miners those who are working inside the mines are also suffering from different risks of diseases. There are different mining safety tips provided to each and every miner. Mining is a big business now days and today coal mining is providing a lot of job opportunities for youngsters, engineers and other peoples who are looking for a job. Coal mining equipments are getting advanced day by day and researchers are even trying to invent more technical advanced machineries.

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