Coal Mine Training

Coal industry is an immeasurable zone of energy. The distribution of coal around the world is scattered with countries like China, India and Australia etc. who are said to be the largest producers of coal. Coal mine training and obviously the coal engineering requires a very high level of training. Generally induction training certificates are provided which keeps the students aware of safety aspects of mining atmosphere which is valid for 2 years renewable too. These students have two alternatives first is the General information and introduction for working at surface of mines and the other one is combined General surface and

The Coal training packages consists of 3 Volumes:

1. Vol. I- Introduction, Core Units of Competency and General Units of Competency

2. Vol. II -Surface or cut units of Competency Coal preparation Units of Competency & Imported Units of Competency

3. Vol. III - Underground Units of Competency.

The Coal education has been urbanized as an effect of wide-ranging business session and justification. The educational Package has been amended to tackle the requirements of all portions of the black and brown coal production, including underground coal mining, open cut or surface coal mining and coal research and behaviour. This commerce has grabbed the values of formative authorized apparatus of Training correspondence and bear assets and recognises the advantage of Training pack up performance has in gathering rigid desires.

Training Package Development Process

Stage 1 The Coal Training Package recommends continual development which includes the following:

To re-examine and successive re-development of active talented standards.

Updating the on-going units with regard to the competitor's standards.

Up-grade additional standards and alteration of in progress standards to include skill and sectarian gaps.

The modification of existing aptitude structures to meet healthier engineering needs.

The modification of the consideration guiding principle.

Stage 2 is to re-examine of the Black Coal Training Package.

Industries have been directly involved and have contributed in developing standards which are newer in levels of competency.

In addition to the involvement of the industry, the State has also got itself involved in the Black Coal training package through the network of the State ITAB and also through its association with the industries.

The requirements determining the regulatory procedure are different and change from one State to the other State. The regulations and their requisites were agreed upon after mutual discussion with the State Regulatory Authorities and also with the representatives of the industry.


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