Gold Mining Camps

Much history has been written about gold mines - stories about gold discoveries in some area that eventually led to big extraction mine activities in the area. These discoveries and extraction stories have passed in history to be known as gold rush. A noted gold rush in the California gold rushes happened in the year 1856 and these gold rush activities are known to spur a lot of interest in a certain area which lead to mass movement of people whose main interest was that of excavation and the eventual profit from the sale of the mineral deposit as gold is a rare and expensive metal and the profit from it is an attraction to any people.

As a result of the gold rushes people make temporarily settlements at the vicinity of the mines and this is what is referred to as gold mine camps. The gold mine camps are home to workers of a mine and those that benefit from activities surrounding the mine. Gold mining camps will exist because of many reasons, one of them being the easy accessibility to the gold mines.

Miners will at all times want to get early on chores at the mines, working at the mines may at times run late, which may be troublesome for a worker commuting great distances. At mining camps all social amenities are present - home structures that are built are often financed by the mining company to allow the workers have comfortable resting places. Supplies to and from the mine are done by individual business people. They make money by opening up small businesses that cater for day to day needs of the people at the camp. Supplies of perishable things like milk and vegetable are done on daily basis.

The mining camps will also have leisure structures, these structures could be house bars, or simply salons for the wives of the miners. The mining camps are just like small villages, however, these villages have one common goal and that is to extract gold. Disputes do occur among settlers of these camps, and for reasons of the camp being so far away from civilization disputes are settled by the settlers themselves.

Camping sites that have security officers in them come in very handy in time of disputes. They will rule on a dispute and settle a matter for those that don’t have security personnel in them then. A dispute may be forwarded to a recognized mining personnel, this is not likely since some of the dispute are home made.

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