Gold Mining Sites

Gold Mining sites are found to be scattered all over the globe. Located over the different continents and numerous nations, gold has announced its presence everywhere.

South Africa is the world's largest producer of gold and is known as the worlds gold cradle. It produces more than 40 to 45 % of the world's total gold.

* The world's deepest gold mine is in South Africa, the East Rand mine.

* The world's most fruitful mine is also in South Africa, Free gold mine.

* The South Deep Gold mine is the largest drop mine of the world and took 7 long years in its making.

* Georgia is another treasure trove of gold. More than 500 gold mines are located here.

* The Potosi Gold mine, Loud mine, Latimer gold mine, Wellborn gold mine, Norell Gold mine etc are some of the 500 gold mines located in Georgia.

* Virginia is located in the East of America and is a major gold producer.

* North Carolina has many gold mines and is a major producer of gem stones too. Rubies and Garnets are found commonly and often found by the people or gold hunters who do panning for gold. These rubies and garnets come as bonus in addition to the gold found here.

* Reed Gold mine was the first mine from which gold was ever discovered in the United States of America.

* South Carolina has over 130 gold mines. Here also the situation sounds same, with precious stones lining the territory. Gems belonging to the beryl family, like aquamarine, emerald, yellow beryl etc are found in abundance here. Topaz, Zircon, Sapphire is the other gems found here.

* The Martin mine, The Haile gold mine, Ridgeway gold mine and Brewer Gold mine are the famous gold mines in South Carolina.

* Alabama is literally filled with rivers of gold. Majority of its river beds are lined with gold which is separated from the mud and gravel by the locals and small scale miners by panning.

* California region 5 has about 3000 gold mines listed on the California Mother Lode map.

* California region 1 has over 405 gold mines listed.

* California region 2 has over 340 gold mines in the map listings.

* California region 3 has 513 gold mines.

* California region 4 has more than 770 gold mines in the region.

* California region 6 has the second place among them with 1580 gold mines in the region.

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