Heavy Mining Equipment

For mining purpose few things are required and they are miners, machines and money. Heavy machines are required for bulk mining projects and they are used to save time and money. Miners cannot mine without the help of heavy machines. These machines are big in size and work also. Some of the heavy machines related to mining sector are listed below.

1. Longwall mining - these are very effective and efficient way of mining. The machine is built up of heavy blades which cut down the coal from the face wall and they are transported through the conveyer belt. These machines are massive in size so they cut a huge amount of coal from these mines. They are mainly used in underground mining.

2. Continuous miners - these massive and giant machines are used for underground mining purpose and they can cut a large part of the metal from the mines. These machines can be controlled by remote or by a computer. They can work in severe conditions where miners can't mine properly. They are very efficient in mining and its demand is growing day by day.

3. Draglines - draglines are some of the biggest mining machines in the world. They are only produced in Milwaukee. They can easily clean the dust exposes the metal in the mine. These machines are extremely massive in size and they are very expensive. They are controlled manually. Some of the largest machines can lift around hundreds of tons of dust in a single scoop.

4. Excavators - these are the machines which are used to perform different tasks related to mining. These machines are extremely huge in size. These machines contain arms which are controllable and the tub is attached on a rotating platform. These machines are very helpful in mining purpose and they can perform various tasks because of their arms.

5. High wall miner - these are the machines which are used to mine metals at a certain height. These are used in special cases where mining is at a height. These machines are having the capability to mine at a height of even 60 feet. These machines are used very commonly now days because of its special ability.

6. Blast holes drills - these are the machines which are used to create holes for placing the blasting charges. These machines are needed in mines which require blasting. These are very massive in size and they are efficient in creating blasting holes.

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