Largest Mining Companies

Mining Companies in the world are growing at a very fast rate in comparison with the other industries. Mining now forms a big source of revenue for the government as well as the private sectors of the country. Continents like Africa which has seen a remarkable development of the country's economic status has always laid hands on setting up as well as allowing foreign companies to migrate to their part. Mining Companies even play a very big role in the employment of the country which can set up a big social status for the common people of the country. There are many companies which are there to be mentioned as major prevalent ones:

BHP Billiton

Teck Resources Limited

Barrick Gold Corporation

Rio Tinto

Vale S. A


Lundin Mining Corporation

Xstrata plc

Royalco Resources Limited

Uranium Resources Inc.

Altius Minerals Corporation

Strategic Metals Ltd.

One of the largest companies of diversified resources is BHP Bilton. Operations of the company include extricating minerals as well as natural oil and gas and after that processing them for commercial and domestic use. June 29 2001 witnessed the merge of two very big companies of those times namely BHP ltd and Bilton plc which were dually listed and thus the operations began in Australia, America as well as South Africa. Though separate existence of BHP group and Bilton plc is still there but there merger produced a dynamic and colossal name in mining Industrial World.

The name which comes into the picture when we speak of Gold mining industry is Barrick Gold with a large number of operations in Toronto, Africa, America and other regions. Barrick is on the verge of taking up huge project of gold mining in various parts of the world including Pakistan, Papua New Genie, Chile, France etc... It is ahead of Newmont Mining Corporation in terms of industrial production and acquiring the chief part of Placer Dome. It has produced gold at $443 per ounce for 7.7 million.

Teck Resources is one of the largest Canadian mining companies created by the blending of Teck and Cominco Company by the year 2001. But it is also known as Tech Cominco better. It has been on papers most recently due to environmental hazards caused due to the breaching of Environmental laws. It was even sued in the court as well by US Environment Protection. But from then onwards there has been no looking back for Tech Resources in terms of profit and protection measures.

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Mining Companies are always required a lot of revenue and It is so good for the people to get more jobs if the country add more mining companies to start mining work in their country. I like this informative post about it. Thanks for sharing the detail about mining.

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