Mining Companies In Africa

Africa's economy is mostly dependent and to quite an extent the modernization and elaboration is due to the same fact and association with it. The mining industry's growth and advancement started with the encounter of diamond as a source near the banks belonging to Orange River with Erasmus Jacobs and then finally exploiting the Kimberly Pipes within few years. South Africa remains to be a bountiful source of gold though both diamond and gold are now a huge source of economic growth for the economic growth. South Africa now is the world's principal producer of vermiculite, chrome, platinum, manganese, vanadium and is also the heftiest producer of palladium, ilmenite, zirconium and rutile. Coal is produced in the third largest amount in the world.

Companies associated with this enormous industry in the Dark Continent are:-

West Rand Consolidated Mines Ltd

JCI Limited

Anglo American South African Corporation.

Kalahari Mining Company


Mitondo Mining Company for Emeralds

Harmony Gold Excavating Company

The working conditions for the mining companies in Africa are almost the same as that which exists in the other continents of the world. But the difference lies a little in the gold mines where the geothermal gradient is quite steep and goes up to an increase of 9 degrees centigrade with every kilometer. But the ore bodies being continuous and narrow makes it competitive environment to work with though it is not as difficult as it would have happened in the other counties.

Silica Dust produces also a tough environment to work inside the mines since due to boring of the rocks the dust which is produced i.e. the silica dust can cause severe ling diseases like Emphysema and Silicosis which are medically very depressive health hazards. Thus proper care is taken to create a work environment with proper ventilation so that proper exhaustion and respiratory space is available for the workers and to ensure health precautionary measures. An average of approximately 6 cubic meter of silica is produced per second with 1000 ton of mined stone in just a month.

Thermal Energy in the form of heat is another stern problem in the mines of Africa. In the case of platinum mines the temperature gradient being steeper requires a greater space requirement in terms of proper space for making the works more endurable. But more and more companies are coming up day by day who provides proper environment for the workers aiming at using scientific methods and experiments to ensure safety and providing health insurances.

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