Old Mining Equipment

Mining as an activity has been going on for quite along time. Ever since man discovered the use of precious stones, he has been on the lookout for the same as a means of making some income. During the early years of mankind, there were mining activities going on just like today. The only difference however was in the style in which the mining was done and the equipment used. Old mining equipments had their pros and cons depending on the situation as compared to the equipment used today.

Some of the very old miners used hand tools such as hoes and simple digging tools as most of the old time mining was actually surface or open pit mining. This meant that the amount of minerals that would be mined remained quite limited. As a result, the miners started coming up with different improvements of the hand tools. It is during this time that some of the old mining tools such as shovels and simple trolleys to move the earth from the mining pits were invented. As men discovered even more uses for the minerals and industrialization set in. the sector started registering significant growth. Among the first minerals to be intensively mined was coal. It was basically used as a source of energy to power some of the earliest industries. At this point, old mining equipments were invented starting with trailers that were used to haul the minerals as well as the digging and drilling tools. Other tools that were used especially in open pit or quarry mining were the explosives.

Landmines and dynamites were largely used to break large rocks in order to give way for the smaller equipments that were then used to dig out the finer minerals. As the mining intensified and the mineral reserves got less, the miners felt the need to get deeper into the ground as long as there were indications that the mineral deposits could be further below the surface. This need so the inventions of better machinery to handle the underground mining. Such equipments included drills and large excavators

To wrap it all up, old mining equipments were used in olden days to assist in making work easier for miners. Although the equipment was not as sophisticated as the ones we use today, their impact on the minefields was greater as compared to the earlier tools. It is however important to note that some of the very early mining equipment were used in England as signs of early industrialization started to bear fruit.

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