Top Mining Company

Top mining companies come from several countries from all over the world. A company’s influence in the mining industry is what will make it recognized as a top mining company. The company’s  influence in the market will be composed of  its market share and financial records - the number of mines the company controls, projected gold sales over the coming years, how many employees it has as staff, the influence it has on the economy of the country and the gold trading industry as well.


The top mining company will in most cases be announced by independent mining research institutes that keenly analyzes and reports developments of mining company’s in the sector. Like in any other industry, competition is very stiff in the mining industry for a company to actually make it in this industry.


The mining company’s areas of specialization will also be key in determining its rank as top mining company. Companies exist in different forms - there are those whose main areas of interest will be the mining of coals, gold, silver.


Below is a list of mineral mines and the name associated with the mines


Gold mines

Platinum metal mines

Silver mines

Diamond mines

Nickel mines

Copper mines

Zinc and lead mines

Uranium mines

Tungsten mines

Molybdenum mines


Companies dealing in Gold or diamonds make it as the top mining companies more often than not, and this is because these minerals are rare and precious and they also command a lot of interest in the market. An ounce of these precious metals are normally very expensive if you were to compare them with other precious metals.


Top mining companies gain lots of respect from the industry and this is due to the influence they have in many area of accolade. These companies will influence major decision made in the industries by the regulating institution and this top honor is what all mining companies envision to achieve.


It is very hard to reach this hit as it requires big investment and the introduction of expertise in all mining operations. Some companies are even known to chip in new capital in their exploration activities just to attain this honor, others may be prompted to ‘cook’ financial books so as to give financial reports that don’t represent their true financial standing which is done by reporting false annual company’s financial report. Many companies will use all available methods to be recognized in the industry.

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