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Here at Roughneckchroincles.com we know just how tough working on a rig can be.  The industry is in an ever changing state, especially these days with the uncertain times surrounding Middle Eastern oil supplies.  We have our writers focusing on the issues in the oil and gas industry issues that you need to know about.

Our team here at Roughneckchronicles.com is comprised of ex rig workers, and oil industry veterans.  Our goal is to get you up to speed with what it is like to work on a rig these days, and update you on all of the happenings in the Oil & Gas industry.

Please send us a note - let us know how we are doing.  Any feedback is welcome.  Hey - we are Roughnecks we can take it!

- The Roughneck Team

Roughneck Definition

Roughneck Definition Hecla Mining

Hecla Mining is a silver mining company based in Idaho. It was established back in 1891, and is the oldest precious metal mining company in the United States. In 2008 Hecla acquired ownership of Green's Creek in Alaska the sixth largest silver mind in the world, radically increasing its silver...

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