Construction Estimator Jobs

One of the most important jobs in any construction firm is the construction estimator, sometimes referred to as the cost estimator. The contractor cannot bid on a job he wants unless he has the vital information that a construction estimator provides. Construction companies rely on the expertise of these professionals because if calculations are not correct, large amounts of money and/or bids may be lost. There is a lot of pressure on the estimator to be completely accurate and to be able to meet deadlines.

Jobs for construction estimators can be found in every area of the country. Large and small construction companies need good estimators. There is also the opportunity to work in a freelance capacity. This enables the estimator to choose which company he will work for, what jobs he will take, and when he will work. Freelance estimators frequently travel to different areas depending on pay and job availability.

The salaries for construction estimators range between $40,000 and $90,000, with the average salary being $78,000. Most construction estimators work in the states of: New York, Arizona and Texas, but there are jobs for estimators in each and every state.

There are some new jobs available for construction cost estimator because the federal government has begun disbursing money to state governments as an economic stimulus. These monies are designated for construction projects like new highways, road improvement, bridge repair, community airport improvement and new mass transit systems. So if a cost estimator has experience in the field of transportation and road works, then he has a good chance of getting a job at one of the construction companies benefiting from the government aid windfall.

The job of a construction estimator involves acquiring and organizing all the costs required to finish a specific job. This means he must have a strong understanding of what a construction company needs in order to complete the job. Employers are more likely to hire an estimator with a 2-year or 4-year degree. However, if the estimator has experience in the construction industry as a craftsman, such as carpenter, electrician or plumber, then he stands a better chance at getting a job than someone who only has a degree.

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