Construction Jobs Az

Although the general state of the economy has been slow for a while, most analysts agree that the worst is over and the job market is rebounding. That is very good news for people in the construction industry who are searching for jobs. The current disbursement of federal economic funds (called stimulus packages) is also helping the construction field to make a come back.

The history of federally funded construction projects reached its pinnacle in the construction of the Hoover Dam on the border between Arizona and Nevada. This gigantic project employed more than 21,000 workers. Now, new federally funded projects are on the horizon in Arizona. These projects focus mainly on Arizona's highway system. The federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is set to channel over $350 million into the Arizona Department of Transportation for highway projects around the state.

The range of jobs available in the area of highway construction include pavement, concrete, engineer, surveyor, traffic control flagging, drill operator and many more.

Private companies are also looking for qualified construction workers on residential and commercial projects. The over all climate of the Arizona construction industry is full of promise. There are online job search sites which have many job listings for available work in different areas of the construction industry. These listings include opportunities in every professional capacity.

The job listings in Arizona include available positions in the areas of drywall, masonry, welding, carpentry, electrical wiring, plumbing, pipe fitting, painter, fire alarm technician, and heavy equipment operation.

Listings also include administrative jobs like construction office branch manager, construction contract administrator, project controls and document manager, labor/management liaison, and sales. There are jobs available for those in financial fields like service estimator, inventory auditor, and construction bidder.

Because of the recent ecological concerns, there are jobs available in weatherization, landscape architecture, wind energy construction, solar power installations, wastewater treatment plants, and even pool maintenance.

There are many construction jobs available in Arizona now and they are in many different areas. Anyone looking for work in the construction industry can find the job that they have been waiting for.

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Jayden said:

My father has worked in the construction business for more than 15 years but had to close is due to the lack of projects. It is good to hear that the construction industry is rebounding and there is hope for all those people like my dad to regain their jobs. By the way - can you imagine 21,000 workers working on the Hoover Dam - That must have been a huge project||| said:

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