Construction Jobs In New Orleans

When Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in Louisiana, everybody was shocked at the destruction it caused. Buildings were washed away. Motorways and bridges collapsed. The damage was simply unbelievable.

Four years later, rebuilding is finally underway. Whole boroughs are coming back to life, particularly in New Orleans where new houses, shops and roadways are being built.

This is good news for the people of Louisiana but it's also good news for those of you involved in the construction industry. While the construction industry is in decline in many other US states and indeed all over the world, it's boom time in New Orleans.

If you want to take advantage of the many opportunities available, start searching through jobs listings on the internet and in newspapers and magazines today. You'll be surprised by the range of jobs available and you are bound to find the job for you.

There are jobs available for all, provided that they have the necessary qualifications and experience. Highly-qualified professionals such as architects, engineers and project managers will have a whole host of different options to choose from while skilled tradesmen such as surveyors, electricians and ironworkers will also be spoilt for choice.

Construction managers, estimators, crane operators, safety personnel, quality controllers, carpenters and concrete finishers; all are needed in New Orleans.

This is because the scale of the rebuild is astonishing. It's not just buildings that need to be reconstructed. We are talking about an entire city that has suffered catastrophic damage and needs to be rebuilt on a stronger and more durable basis.

There are bridges to be repaired. There is land to be surveyed, excavated and built upon. There are machines to be operated. There are mechanical systems to be installed. Such work requires manpower and you might just be the man to provide it.

So, if you've been hit by the global downturn in the construction industry, what you need to do is pinpoint the places where work is available and where construction professionals and tradesmen are in high demand. One such place is New Orleans, Louisiana. It could be the place for you.

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john jenkins said:

i,m looking for work with a stable construction company in the new orleans area that needs a construction labor type man i,m a very hard worker looking for a construction company that pays per-diem if anyone can help please email ame @ thanks alot

Terry Fields said:

I'm looking for work in the Safety field.I have 25ys. exp. in steel bldg. ind. 5yrs. in oilfield cementing, 2yrs. blasting exp. in coal mines and rock quarries. Willing to relocate.

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