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If you are contemplating seeking employment in the construction industry in Iraq keeping in mind the dangers of working in such a country there is work to be had. Iraq job opportunities have grown with billions of dollars being set aside for both reconstruction and new construction alike. The projects are varied is size and scope and will be spread out over most of Iraq. As it is such a risky place to live and work and with such a volatile political climate salaries are high and the temptation to earn (often more money in one year than you can make in several any where else) large salaries is great.

There are other benefits to working overseas in the construction field as well as the high salaries some starting as high as $80,000 a year. Most companies offer such perks as free housing and meals to all their employees. If you are an American and remain out of the states for an extended work period that extends over 330 days the income may be exempted from United States taxes. Check with Internal Revenue Services for more information and guidelines on this.

The search for jobs and careers in Iraq can be carried out initially on the internet with many recruiting sites listed and job opportunities posted. Some fields also have a back log of applications and waiting lists are created. You must also investigate such things as entry and visa restrictions to travel to and from Iraq and should be aware that extensive security and background checks will be carried out on all who enter or leave Iraq.

Iraq now has electricity in more of the country than pre-war; currency and banking have stabilized and seem to be striving. Schools, hospitals and other public places have been or are in the process of being rebuilt. Also the oil industry in Iraq has been restructured and is producing about 2.5 billion barrels of crude a day. Although Iraq continues to rebuild both construction wise and politically there is still continuing reasons to be concerned for safety. Illegal militias and remnants of Sadam's regime, joining with other often foreign terrorists continue to create unrest. So caution and the balancing of risk over gain are advised when seeking work in Iraq.

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