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With poor economic times seemingly casting shadows of doom and gloom some companies have cancelled or put off on plans for new constructions such as homes and apartments. Some cities, states and federal construction projects have been also delayed or even scrapped completely. All that being said the industry analysts and the Bureau of Labor Stats insist that job opportunities in the construction industry are still promising.

Certainly some areas of the construction fields are more in demand than others. Roadways, bridges, tunnels and other main infrastructures need to be kept up and so civil engineering is still a growing field. County and state engineers are reporting that not only are their bid processes stable many are able to take advantage of federal grants and loans established to offset tighter construction budgets.

On the declining side in the construction industry the main one would have to be new home construction. Mortgage company difficulties, rising building material costs and layoffs in the other industries have severely reduced the people who were buying new homes. Almost all construction projects rely or are dependent on factors such as interest rates, tax laws, and changing building regulations and codes. These factors become indicators of not only domestic construction but also of the current economy and even global economy.

Construction analysts also predict that new environmental issues will also play major parts in global construction efforts. Many of the big construction companies will have to remodel current projects and be ready to comply with upcoming federal guidelines.

The people who have made their livelihood in the constructions trades have to deal with applying for and drawing Unemployment Insurance...many for the first time. Most analysts do agree that this construction slow-down is only temporary windmill construction, surges in railroad industry and the consistent drop in oil prices shows hope for the future.

The poor economic situation has affected the construction industry more than most others, credit restrictions and tightened credit requirements in the housing industry, has made it almost impossible for the small company owners to operate. As the construction's bumpy ride continues other trades such as electricians and suppliers also feel the pinch.

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