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In the UK the construction industry is broken down into four sectors that encompass: Infrastructure, public or private housing, non-residential buildings such as schools and hospitals, and industrial complexes.

It had been forecast for the industry was that over the ensuing five years there would be a requirement for an extra 87,600 recruits per year. It was also predicted that at least a third of that number would be for graduate positions such as architects, business managers, project managers and technical or engineering staff. That has changed dramatically with the economic turndown that started in 2008 decreasing the number of jobs that are and will be available. Limited financial support and hard times have reduced the commissioning of construction projects and produced a lower call for construction workers and although there is hope for an increase in the next year construction graduates must be prepared for a shortage of jobs.

In the UK there are five main varieties of employment available in the construction field and they are architecture, civil and structural engineering, construction and building services, engineering construction and surveying. A career in the construction industry in the UK is fast paced, with rapidly changing techniques and technology to keep abreast of as well as changing legislations and building codes. It can offer to the new recruit: variety, challenge, responsibility, intellectual challenge, and a sense of satisfaction in completed projects that can change the landscape of the community.

Graduate starting salaries (in the fields described above) in 2007 averaged 22,625 pounds.

Although the industry has been trying to produce a more diverse workforce with such organizations a Construction Skills there has been no significant increase in the number of women in the construction trades in the last 10 years and less than a 1% change in ethnic minority recruitment. There are some areas in the UK that are suffering from a shortage of workers and these include the building services engineering, transportation and highway engineering, ground engineering and contaminated land specialists. The last three because of the length of time on the shortage list allow recruitment and work permits to be issued more readily to non UK residents.

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