Construction Law Jobs

Construction lawyers are needed because, world wide, the construction business is growing. Even in these difficult economic times, there are still residential, commercial and public buildings going up. Some federal government stimulus programs are aimed at the construction industry, and help them by giving money to state and local governments for improvement of infrastructure (highways and mass transit systems). This means that construction companies and contractors are getting new jobs from government sources.

Because of this increase in construction activity, there are problems that develop that must be addressed by an attorney, or a legal firm. Construction lawyers are in demand in the growing construction business because the first step in any construction project is the contract. No hiring or building or buying of supplies can take place until the construction contract or contractor's agreement is completed. This contract protects all the parties in the event of a dispute.

Just as a lawyer involved in medical malpractice suits doesn't have to be a doctor, a construction lawyer doesn't have to have a degree in architecture, engineering, or construction. However, many of them do have degrees in related fields and believe this helps them understand the fine points of their legal cases. Some construction lawyers have actually worked in the construction business before getting their law degrees, and so have an added understanding of the concepts involved.

Construction lawyers are hired for many reasons. Some construction contracts are with the government and require special legal documents, and all construction companies have to observe federal guidelines for things like safety regulations and building permits. Construction lawyers are an integral part of preparing these contracts and official documents. Other contracts which require a construction lawyer are agreements with subcontractors, suppliers, homeowners, and corporations.

Some construction companies only hire lawyers after they have become entangled in a legal dispute. There are many jobs available for construction lawyers because of disputes between the government and the construction company they hired. There are also lawyers needed to represent construction companies in disputes with suppliers, subcontractors, employees, and labor unions.

Jobs are also available for construction lawyers who have experience with arbitration, mediation, contract law, trials and appeals.

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