Construction Manager Jobs

As a construction manager the job will require you to direct, plan and coordinate large construction projects such as commercial and residential buildings, infrastructures, schools, hospitals and a wide range of industrial development projects such as shopping malls and factories to name but a few. You could be responsible for all aspects of a project or just one segment of a large project. Scheduling and coordination of design and construction schedules, hiring, overseeing and sub-contracting if specialty trade contractors will be part of the job assignment.

Construction managers are often given the titles project manager, constructors and construction superintendents and can either be company owners, employees of a large company or are contracted by property owner or developers to oversee a construction project. A good construction manager can organize and schedule projects according to material needed on site, most cost-effective building methods and materials, budget and insure that all deadlines and timelines are kept.

There are many benefits to this type of career but there are also some aspects that are not for everyone. Travel is often part of the job and sometimes even working in foreign countries for extended periods of time. Construction managers are basically on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and are expected to deal with all types of problems from weather to site emergencies.

Job prospects for construction managers are expected to exceed the demand right up until the year 2016. Even though college construction management programs are increasing to meet the demand because of the poor working conditions they do not seem to attract sufficient numbers of job seekers.

The average salary for a construction manager in 2006 was in the $72,000 bracket. Of course these salaries varied between salaried construction managers and those of self employed independent contractors and also depending on the size and nature of the projects they were working on at the time. Geographic location, social, economic and political climates often play a part in salary if you happen to be working abroad. There are also perks that are attached to a lot of construction manager positions such as bonuses and company vehicles.

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