Construction Superintendent Jobs

Construction superintendents are always in demand in the job market because there job is so important and has so many responsibilities. Their job description can include things like constant field supervision of the entire project, supervision of craftsmen and laborers, organizing and scheduling of work details, controlling costs of materials and the labor force, keeping records of work hours and material deliveries, inspection of construction work to make sure it fits specifications, enforcing adherence to all safety regulations, and oversees inspections by government officials to ensure code compliance.

Salaries for construction superintendents range from $30,000 to $110, 000 depending on the size of the construction company and the size of the projects to be supervised. There are also jobs available to superintendents on a freelance basis. Freelance construction superintendents can choose which jobs they want to work on and when and where they want to work.

Employers generally prefer to hire a construction superintendent who has a degree in civil engineering, building construction, construction management, or a related field. However, it is possible for an experienced construction worker to be promoted to this position. This is a field where experience is often more important than a degree or a college education. It is sometimes possible for an experienced worker to be allowed to get a degree by his employer, and the employer can sponsor the worker financially by paying for part or all of the degree expenses. Although it is sometimes easier to find a job if the construction superintendent has a degree, a superintendent with a lot of on the job experience will have no difficulty in finding professional employment.

There are usually fewer jobs available for construction superintendents than for construction managers. This is because a construction manager can perform all the tasks that the superintendent can plus being in control of the financial expenditures of the project.

On very large projects, a construction company will need both a construction superintendent and a construction manager. The superintendent will handle all the day-to-day operation on the jobsite while the manager will deal with the responsibilities from the contractor's office.

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