Construction Trade Jobs

Most of us play with building blocks as children. We enjoy constructing elaborate structures and take pride in creating something. So, why do so few of us consider construction as a career in later life?

It might have something to do with the fact that many of us think that the construction industry is a place for highly-qualified professionals. Architects, quantity surveyors and estimators; they are the people who earn the money in construction, aren't they?

This, however, is far from being true. There are certainly thousands of professionals working in the construction industry but there are a whole range of other jobs available too. Often, it's the jobs in trade that offer the best opportunities of all.

There is a wide selection of them too. There is bricklaying, carpentry, cabinet making, tiling, plastering, plumbing, welding and much more. Just think of any job you need to complete to build and finish a house - from laying the floor to fitting the windows and doors - and there will be a trade offering this particular service.

What's more: qualifying in these trades needn't take very long. While architects need to slog over the books for years, bricklayers can often qualify in a matter of months. They can even learn on the job, honing their skills and learning the tools of the trade as they work.

It's this practical emphasis that makes the construction industry so attractive to so many people. You can learn your skills from your colleagues over time and in the workplace instead of in a classroom environment.

Once you've learned these skills, you'll have even more opportunities open to you. You can work for a company as an employee or you can work for yourself. A freelance bricklayer can work to his own timetable and charge his own rates. So too can a plumber or plasterer.

The skills you learn are transportable too. Bricklayers are just as much in demand in Australia as they are in Austria. You can travel the world thanks to your trade.

So, don't write those building blocks off just yet. The construction industry offers unbelievable opportunities to skilled and trained tradesmen.

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