Contract Construction Jobs

Construction is a nationwide industry that offers many opportunities to contractors. Contract jobs vary depending upon the location, necessity and funding.

There are several aspects of contract construction jobs. One source is when a company seeks a construction company to provide construction work by accepting closed bids from construction companies. If all bids are from reputable companies, the lowest bid is the first choice; however, sometimes the lowest bid is not necessarily the best choice, especially if the low bid does not meet required specifications.

There are three parts to a bid, a contract, line item and scope of work.

A construction contract is the next step in securing the accepted bid. A construction contract is a written agreement between the construction company and owner requiring the construction work. It is written bases on the project requirements to complete the job. A contract is a binding agreement to protect all responsible parties involved. A line item sheet and scope of work is a part of the contract. A line item sheet breaks down the cost associated with the job, and the scope of work is a document which outlines every item within the line item sheet.

An AIA is a standard form of construction contract, which involves the owner, architect and construction manager and general contractor. It covers the hub and scope of work outlined to complete the job. A lumpsum contract is when a contractor looks at a particular job and puts a specific price label on that job and agrees to stay within that price.

To obtain a construction job, there are many sources to consider. The global Internet provides names, locations, job description and contact information.

Although unions require membership fees, they provide medical and vision insurance for their members. Construction company members obtain contracts and provide details to the union. Union members have to go to the designated location of the union office to find out about available construction jobs. As long as a member maintains their union dues, they are eligible for union work anywhere in the country or abroad. Some contract construction companies also provide training benefits.

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